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o4-o7 Associated Press, Leading to the collapse of the United States Dollar.


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with first letters as reference.



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Cuba    www.radiohc.cu    website   

 Chinese workers pay for wal martSonido en línea canal uno



SW SSB HAM Radio - 

Recorded from International NEWS Cuba                     

Linguistic inglese    ARCHIVE prior 2004-03


short wave - single side band & on - 39 meter band



US & Russia now Communists!


The Plot 1963     .wma       .rm        .wav       .mp3



The world believes it can create the end.  God will oblige them.  

He is not a respecter of persons. 


trueCarpentry.org   reminds all the people of this world,  that murder is grave mortal sin.

Only in the true gift of wisdom, inside the true Church of Almighty God, in true virtue of true justice humility,  through proper prayers,  can prevent this mortal sin.  Only through His Holy Sanctifying Grace is this ever possible. Obedience to His Most Blessed Holy Mother the Church, Her Laws and Her Holy Doctrines. Liars of these laws go not to Heaven.  It matters not where they sit. And the ONE CHURCH of Almighty God teaches this very fact of the true Church to the true Church always. Intereligiousism is not this Church. "FACT"  Nor can it be.



Only One Church enforces Her true doctrine.                " The Fifth Commandment"

Forever She Stands - In Truth                                          "Most Holy Mother."

The other is Disobedient to Her true law.                  +He be the judge of both!

 Unwanted Force is not of Cheisa Cattolica. 

 Outside the Church,  There is no salvation. 




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International News English 39meter band                                                                                       Recorded  Media Subject;       Latest News at top

2007  archive


SWCuba10'13'07                    .wma                                                                            murderer BUSH w/blackwater cowboys! killing the innocent in Iraq

SWCuba10'13'07b                  .wma                                                                            UK Power Plant insanity - SPIDERMAN attacks BUSH OIL crap in Chicago

SWCuba10'4'07                      .wma                                                                            BUSH BASTARD veto's poor children's child's Health Care

SWCuba10'4'07b                    .wma                                                                            blackwater killings out of control, dictator harvest 8 billion funny money

SWCuba9'17'07                      .wma                                                                            big banker says, BUSH Oil war is an oil thief.

SWCuba9'17'07b                    .wma                                                                            attack on Iran more of BUSH threats of airstrike.

SWCuba9'15'07b                   .wma                                                                             Iraq epidemic Kills several and expected in Bagdad

SWCuba8'31'07                      .wma                                                                            No Nuclear Fuel, suspicions invalid. US proclaims Iran Bombs

SWCuba8'31'07b                    .wma                                                                            Children killed by Israel sent to get launchers...!





SWCuba12'09'06c                   .wma                                                                            US strike on Iran?   Bush Planned Base on the Moon?  yup a fruitcake

blank file         Sept26a06                   .wma                                            *P          war Boats sent to Persian gulf - w/US companies Bankrupt.

SWCUBA UNKNOWN DATE   .wma         .wma                                 *            GW Bush spied & spies on USA......  w/twofaced speech.

SWCubaMAR29a06               .wma                                                          *                US soldiers Flee to Canada seeking Asylum from USA.

SWCubaMAR29b06               .wma                                                                                       




SWCubaJUN14a05                 .wma                          .wav    .mp3           ?*                                        Death toll continues to rise in Iraq.  No Military solution possible.

SWCubaJUN14b05                 .wma                          .wav    .mp3           *                                         WH push for recruits and $ - Torture to the young from U.S.

SWCubaJUN14c05                 .wma                          .wav    .mp3           *                                          Privatization, IMC world bank crap.  Against the poor.

SWCubaJUN13a05               .wma                          .wav    .mp3           *                                Fox News ‘US torture prisons,  numerous ‘ Israel storms Jerusalem

SWCubaMAY26a05               .wma                          .wav    .mp3            P                                         US passes multibillion dollar spending bill.

SWCubaMAY26b05               .wma                          .wav    .mp3                                                       Analyst believe over 100,000 Iraqis killed

SWCubaMAYa’05               .wma                          .wav     .mp3            ?                               Italian killed, repeated Iraqi problems with US.

SWCubaMAYb’05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3           ?*                        Italia not pleased with US and does not constitute.

SWCubaAPR01a05                .wma                          .wav     .mp3            *                              BUSH did not know?  Powel feels like a JERK…

SWCubaAPR01c05                 .wma                           .wav      .mp3                                       

SWCubaAPR01d05                .wma.                          wav     .mp3                                                                              wow


SWCubaMAR26a05               .wma                          .wav     .mp3                                          Iran warns US will attack. Guantanmo investigation.

SWCubaMAR26b05               .wma                          .wav     .mp3                                          Bush hides at time of SEPT 11th No News of him.  

SWCubaMAR12a05               .wma                          .wav     .mp3                                          UN criticism to US and Britain.

SWCubaMAR12b05               .wma                          .wav     .mp3                                          Italian Intelligence agent killed by US. Bisconti makes statement

SWCubaFEB26a05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3                                          Iran Warns Whitehouse bad words. Israel fly’s Lebanon side..?       

SWCubaFEB26b05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3                                          US assault.  Syria redeploys.  Israel flys violation of airspace.

SWCubaFEB23a05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3                                          Syria takes aim at Washington - “Double standards”         

SWCubaFEB23b05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3                                          Tele aviv to make target???  Illegal attacks. Lawsuit!  Lawless world.

SWCubaFEB17a05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3                                          IRAN warns United States again, direct retaliation.

SWCubaFEB12News05          .wma                          .wav     .mp3                                          Cia unjust attacks Fidel Castro,  Cigar scheme etc.

SWCubaFEB12b05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3                      ?                  Rumsfield should be worried. Torture contested.

SWCubaFEB12a05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3                                          Car bomb attack south of Baghdad.   more -Torture justified?          

SWCubaJAN11a05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3                                          2nd US attack on more Civilians in Iraq. Torture justified.

SWCubaJAN11b05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3                                         US invasion horror - insubordinate torture by US army.   

SWCubaFEB10a05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3                              

SWCubaFEB10b05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3                              

SWCubaFEB10c05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3                              

SWCubaFEB09a05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3                               

SWCubaJAN28a05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3                 ?                       Iraqis will not vote,  US refuses boycott.  Unwarranted intrusion. 

SWCubaJAN24b05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3                                         Brazil social forum.  Open world events. Israel cease fire.     

SWCubaJAN24a05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3                                          IRAN again warns United States not to attack. 

SWCubaJAN07a05                 .wma                          .wav     .mp3                                          9 US soldiers killed in Iraq.



HAM RADIO advisories;


SWCubaMAR13dxs-unlimited04         Eng.     .WMA

SWCubaMAR13dxs-unlimitedb04       Eng.     .WMA

SWCubaMAR13dxs-unlimitedc04       Eng.     .WMA

SWCubaMAR13dxs-unlimitedd04       Eng.     .WMA

SWCubaNOV22swtalk03       Eng      .WMA

SWCubaNOV22swtalk-a03    Eng      .WMA

SWCubaNOV22swtalk-b03    Eng      .WMA

SWCubaNOV22swtalk-c03    Eng      .WMA

SWCuba_swtalk03                  Eng      .WMA









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special  Radio Maria Italia


asx   Radio Japan NHK – Japanese


asx   TBS Tokyo Broadcasting  -  Japanese


   Northwest Public Radio  News / Classical    Seattle WA  US  -    English



     asx    ABC  Australian Broadcasting    News Radio   Australia       English


   asx   National Public Radio  News   Washington DC US      -     English 


mms   São João da Madeira, Portugal    RRS   88.8 fm -   English  Portuguese 


mms   Rádio Singa Ferreira do Alentejo, 104.0 fm   - Portugal


mms    Rádio Voz 104.5 Beja,  -  Portugal


mms   RDP Africa 103.4 fm Combria Lisboa, Portugal


   BBC Mundo London UK -  Spanish


asx   Radio Mix O ritmo que mexe contigo 103,0 fm Lisbon Portugal


asx   Bloomberg WBBR  1130 AM  Radio  New York NY. US     -     English


 MSNBC Live US     -      English


mms    94.2 fm Cadaval, LISBON  -  Portugal


m3u    Onda Latina 87.6 fm   Madrid,  -  Spain


mp3  Deutschland Radio Berlin/Britz, - Germany



mms    Manila,  Philippines  -  Philippine


mms   RADIORAMA MINATITLAN XEAFQ Jalapa,  Mexico    -  Spanish



asx   WGBH  89.7 FM  Boston MA.   US     -   English



asx    WKSU Kent  News Talk & Classical   89.7 FM North East Ohio USA - English



asx   RA     REE en vivo   Radio Exterior de Espana  Spain   -   Spanish


asx   RA     RNE Radio 1  Radio National de España   Spain     -     Spanish


asx   RA     RNE  Radio Clásica   Radio National de España     Spain      -      Spanish


asx   RA     RNE Radio 3  Radio National de España   Spain     -     Spanish


asx   RA     RNE Radio 5  Radio National de España   Spain     -     Spanish


mms   FM 98.850 MHz   Paolo         Parma,  Italia     -     Italiano



 asx 100.9  Mhz  FM  Radio Zenith              Messina       Sicila    -        Italiano



   m3u  Mhz   FM      Radio Gamma   Gioiosa Ionica   (Reggio, Calabria)   Italia        -      Italiano


    Tele Radio Padre Pio       Telecom Italia         Rome Italia       -        Italiano             

Address, Contact Info: TELE RADIO PADRE PIO
Via De Nunzio n. 13 71013 - San Giovanni Rotondo (FG)
Tel: +39-0882-413113 (6 lines) / Fax: +39-0882-450231 / E-mail: info@teleradiopadrepio.it  


The following are recorded asx files NON LIVE 

Padre Nostro  Consigli spirituali  Comunione spirituale  Angelus Domini  Benedizione  Buon giorno  Buona notte 


   FM 106.800  MHz  RTO  Ticino Verbania  Italia        -           Italiano


    Ceské Budejouice  Live.Atlas.CZ Czech Republic      -     Czechoslovakian



FM 91.0  MHz  Thailand  MCOT  Pattanee -       ? Thailand


FM 96.0  MHz  Thailand  MCOT  naratiwas -      ? Thailand


FM 102.5.0  MHz  Thailand  MCOT  yala -         ? Thailand


asx   702 FM  Johannesburg South Africa   Talk Radio     News / Contemporary  -    English



 Colorado Public Radio    Classical/talk      US    -  English 



   90.7  FM     KVNO   Classical      Omaha NE      US      -     English



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Mozart Page



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