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 Beccafumi Domenico 1530

Saint John and Holy Family


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Map-Lourdes   .PDF------------                                                                            English                                  214 kb


On Christian Doctrine-St Augustine  .PDF     -------                                       English                                     252 kb


On Loving God-St Bernard of Clairvaux   .PDF    -                                         English                                       59 kb


On the Incarnation-St Athanasius   .PDF       -------                                        English                                     111 kb


St Declan of Ardmore   .HTM      -------------------                                            English                                       113 kb


The Holy Rule of St Benedict   .DOC      ------------                                         English                                      180 kb


The Spiritual Exercises   .PDF      -------------------                                            English                                     180 kb


The Enchiridion-St Augustine   .PDF     -------------                                        English                                     159 kb


A Short   Twelve days of Christmas facts  .HTM    --------------                 English                                      17 kb


Download Church Fathers MS WORD format     .EXE     -------------------------             English               33 Mb                               





Catechisms;                     view/dwnld


Catechism of the Council of Trent    .HTM                                                         English                                     variable kb's


Baltimore Catechism                              .HTM                                                       English                                       weblink


The Catechism Explained

Spirago Clarke Contents.                 .HTM                                                           English                                       617kb



Morale Dictionary Canon Law 57        HTM                                                        English                              .jpg  seperated


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