W i T c H      B E A S T


9-11 Euro Scam Paganism; To withdrawl much currency from the entire world to make many slaves. Better known as Communism.

POD is what they wear, Top closed point compass, stabbing the Holy Trinity Cross. These are Nazis, worst pagans of this world ever.  All of which has been pre programmed into Hollywood California, Main source WB, to seduce the world into blindness by their pre programmed Hollywood pagan movie scams.    See third world trade tower in Berlin, to understand facts of currency removal's from the United States currency. From dropping the 911 New York City World Trade Center Towers, backing to the false currency into the Euro Scam.  See bottom of this page trade graph 50% removal of United States currency values, in relation to the Fake Euro rise.  Euro already progressed thefts in Europe Asia Middle East and beyond,  ruin of much other currencies inside world trade markets all of Europe, even Israel, for trades can no longer be understood when they are not any longer on the monitor graphs to be monitored of. YES Deleted...  Also another reason why, they do not permit access to bankrupt property notes of the WTO. ?  See facts behind the WTO in relation to this computer scam.  Yes, They are big thiefs. They are involved in trading of properties into and from non used sources of old currencies. Better known as deleted money.   Jail these masons, hold them in contempt of justice, subjection responsible to charges of murder one and currency thefts galore, communist traitors to the United States and beyond.  Includes their judges.  Yes, Throw away the key.  -  Protestants can never be pope.  -  It is against canon law and the Holy Bible.  Not to mention what Jesus had said.



What is the Point of the diamond ? (closed point compass)

B L A S P H E M Y  of  the  H O L Y  G H O S T





June 2002 - 2014  START Priced Euro .92 cents....  Prior to June 2002, Before 911 in 2001, it was Lower even then @ only .81 cents.  Today, it is averaged at $1.38 plus...in 2014 - This is big loss of currency value of 50+ cents to the US Dollar.  Not to even mention the 75% disaster to Mexico. One may find these currencies now, inside of Swiss Bank Accounts, Switzerland, which may have nothing to do with Swiss Franks, to be changed by the Euro.  This manuver was set in motion by murder of John F Kennedy years ago, and we here at truecarpentry do so believe this.  Not to mention, theft of the Catholic Church Buildings at the very same time as a center piece for base of operations.   Plotted scam 911 yes, prior planned of, (They first set bombs mounted at the Pillars of both those towers, in the early year of 1991 - 1992.  See the New York City Times Archives, in relation to the truths of those buildings yes.   Today, freemasons built the New One World Trade Center Tower in New York City, and built it exactly the same height year, that this countrys, Declaration of Independence was written on... Believe me, they have nothing to do with loving the real God.  More of the same evil Hollywood Under Seige pagan pre programming, Lone Gunman, just like the cover up of building number 7.  If you dont believe us, Ask true of to the Catholic Steven Segal the Actor.  It is the reason why, he had left the United States.  He knew it was coming their rotteness.  Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost is not forgivable sin.  That means, these men will rot in hell for eternity, and also anyone else that  listens and follows them.  They are, 666

The ps, if we had the graphs for the Italian Lira, as well as other deleted europe currencies, you would see the truths of these thefts inside those as well, same as, inside of all of Europe. Germany standing out yes. This is all part of the EU / UN Novus Ordo Sicko Movement.  To delete the United States, its Declaration of Independence as well as the true Catholic Church.

Give everyone back their money Cesar in Rome.  You should be subject to a court of international law for all of this international thefts of the true Church, and the currency be returned to the entire public. That is the least of your penance you evil witch.  The rest of the fourfold, you will suffer in hell. 

For purgatory will not have you...


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