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1st  St John  verse 17

He that hath the substance of this world, and shall see his brother in need, and shall shut up his bowels from him:

How doth the charity of God abide in him?



Benign is a fruit of the Holy Ghost, teaching true peace into the world.  And in truth,  it is to be exercised in all ethics of proper good morals of good actions, before and of to Christ.


Therefore, we are to reprove in and of those same very ethics in law.  By following the same truths.

To place proper judgment upon the other is necessity for ones own true welfare & well-being of their own true Spirit.

And in our business here, it is to be conducted in this same spirit of ethics which, with good hospitality in understanding the golden rule,

showing the other, how to conduct business, in a good Spirit of the true moral law.

Because of the enormous Usury of One World Government,  And frauds of to this very truth of Spirit of ethics,

I, a trueCarpenter of the world, now move forward to disclaim falsenesses of to this very true fruit called, “Benign”

As it is not needed necessity for One World Government to exclude themselves, stealing from the poor of many nations.

As they do seem to contain their sense of false power,  Materialistic they are, Of a false nation indeed,

Under a false unity.


Requiring mutliple passports in a global goverment of bull shit. In and of these false powers,  Is the one of controlling institutions,  of which now, even banks, are being controlled in complexnesses of  false unity's, under words, like >  World Bank <  and is so bombarded by these same false type powers,  to be misunderstood of, by the public, on purpose!!!

  Bad enticement? 


 As it is so very much misunderstood of today...  Unity – a same word with many differ meanings.

It is in the cleaness of Almighty God, clearly, that - Credit Card,  has no such precedence of any approval by the true Church at all.

Not  in any goodness’s whatsoever. (Usury ).   So therefore, We,

As one is to be,  trueCarpenter,  suggest that you should use pony express checking option, (snail mail)  and have a virtue of real patients.

 A true honest fruit of the Holy Ghost, to learning true moral virtues.    “ Yes Justice” A word that has been removed from the so called, American Version of the Scriptures.

If it be, that it is of the order of your own mind itself ?? -  that you think you would wish to obtain and have a good hand made product, well made, under the false theft type laws of

Usury   - called, Credit Card,

In this we cannot stop you!  Though We do provide quality hand made products, and with a well oriented pay system, and  - WE here -, Under truths of the one set of Church Law, from Almighty God, have no fear of you pagans out there!   We strongly advise against the use of such things in here to you yes. Condemned.  -  However,  for your own convenience pay by checking, without fondlings, or if you are the type that pays it back immediate to remove the interests, using of the credit card, or do use an echeck, it can be used with debit in good spirit in the Pay Pal system !!!  Email orders w/pay pal accounts and regular snail mail is still the better, of two best ways to go, as is the better payment method, with true patients. We accept all these type of payments of course.

  No numbers on the roller coaster! (internet)  A better method.  Only from, Pay Pal systems.

We do not have account #s sent here to us at all, FACT.


Once Again we do advise against use of (credit cards,) but only use for your own benefit of protection from overpayments.. Pay Pal excepts debits, & free account type, which are not charged with interest rates of the credit card.  Upon use of normal echecking options account transfers also, we do accept credit card, (by paypal) as wash back board from bounced e-checks.  This we do advise to you. Meaning, that we do take them, with caution clause so advised to you above.

This provides customer with fool proof way paying online in protection, without interests added, unless needed to prevent bounceback charges. Which are un+Godly worse than credit card itself.   Please do not pay with credit card jolly. A true thorn, to the very poor people of this country's nation, and to God's Church.  And to other’s of the same, in all other countries in the entire world.

Hopefully,  they – the so called “Christians”, will follow this correctly of.  

Use debit or echeck first with pay pal account systems, and virtue of patients. Yes, we do take checks by mail!!!





 Purchase is not necessity of life, but only the food itself!

God told all to “give him your cloak too”.  But in the greed of themselves,  these souls,  chose to remove God’s law's. 


Greed of man changes, same as everything else, and he will so obtain for himself, justices of truths, by acts committed of by himself.


This cast forth to all the world, in the true Honor of Most Blessed Holy Saint Francis of Assisi,  “Without Interpretation”


Right here,  we shall work it, the problem,  because of problems of today’s false unity's, in phony church, and on the web,

and everywhere the more so.

 Silly non working banks, that work in iniquities of justice w/non true statements. Always read all the fine print. But are in need of a real job. – Help the poor, please feed the “Farmer”


 We caution all on the usury’s of Novus Ordo Government & on their non working Banks.

It includes the United States Government. United Nations,

of Feeding their own system, and not God’s System, Holy Mother the Church.



A trueCarpenter has not needed to survive communistic liar evil society's, {Stalinrad},

 that labels itself Christian, of which it is Not.

Eludes to repair of non working laws (no penance) for real demrocracy, to the public, of which it stands, One Nation, Under God, Indivisible,

 with Liberty and Justice for all. It exists, and is built on, “In God we Trust”  ?    ?   ?



Any orders canceled after mailing’s of internet products,  payments will so be refunded by transport of cashiers check, to same party addresses only. 

Excluded shipping charges.   

Email returned always for people, in the respect of life.  And if you are in the big hurry.

You can leave.

Patients is true virtue, needed of so much today in truth, for true “economics” of -   a No Speed Limit World.

Slow Down.  Drive safe on the internet.  & Help the poor.






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