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tC Services started in 1997, with move to Florida from the state of Maine.  Of course, then was same as now, donations to the true Church for the part I belonged to, or friars of true Cattolica,  so the parts of our survival relied on our own agenda to find and execute any work.  We have learned two to three trades through out our life. And also did do Community College in Miami Florida.  One of these the most, being a carpenter., shot down..   We no longer offer these type services. This is a bankrupt company.   We Stationed ourselves  in the Florida armpit, Tallahassee region, specialized in doing Interior / Exterior Carpentry Design Renovations then. Moved back to the North again in 2008.   Very Bankrupt from evil government actions and no pay ever.



We stayed also doing deeper study into fields of thermodynamics upon being handicapped to the true church, 2000, by its big cause,  911 Halliburton Babel Bush Bastard, and from the extreme jump in the oil prices of course..  We felt a world torn with lies of the USA government republicans... We still use numerous data bases of thermodynamics Of course, staying within the lines of today's technology in computers and laser, doing various math formulas regression math in thermodynamics to organize what we do call, one of our sites products,

  the "tcHydro."... 


Eventually, our company transformed itself into having half partial subsidiary thermodyanmics electrolyser research production sections bankrupt, and with its own tested product, 10 plus years tested & used by us making fuel, in thermodynamics from water.  Yes, we use regression math for our various designs and tests of Hydrogen tcHydro, gas Electrolysers.


Kind of like a peaceful hobby of it's gas oil war,s,, The Little Volcano....





 A Short Bio Facts Story of Bankruptsys in US America in it's true History's

Around year 02, things were extream tough related yes, business wise, because of world wide known event of tragic Laser Weapons 9-11 scam , the cover up to the public that took place in New York City.  A Slide currency towards Europe's Euro, into swiss,  yes in the oil freemasonry of man. I myself was born on the Shorted Long Island myself.  Much small businesses inside this these United States had  already diminished in true economics, by that year, from the already bad economy of the over inflated 1998 oil prices, leading to inside corruptions and the event of the 9-11, - and that fact itself, sent this country, The USA, into its great depression tailspin for mostly all small businesses, not just some those in Florida.   Even in New York, they could not get rid of or find any place for their own garbage back in the year 2000, The NYC city mayor, shipping it down to Florida on large barges,??? only to be called otherwise later on, by corrupt politicians of the state of Florida, criminals -  for doing so.?  - - - They today’s politicians who have little interest of respects towards the true US Constitution "for the people"  and any insight at all in really protecting any small businesses at all whatsoever from anything of their own corruption, Yes The real truth, or understanding truths of a true Creator in this big world, nor do they know anything of the word intelligence!!!  


What is small business really all about?  

By default of bankrupt times inside USA, computer inflicted, placed onto the people by corporate greed 666 spending,  overspending's, communist fcc, already inflated prices and bogus laws, inflicted to the public rose from supply and demand types of items, and scam itself, into important being of fuel robbery's point of diamond, to items not being needed of at all, 20 to 50% criminal theft activity. (the catholic church the real one, has always denied this type of activity as theft, or communism, refusing to accept such acts)   Fuel prices in horrors. YES,  Not only here in the USA, A communist copy of Italia, Austria, but all over the world also they ran the rotten Mob, so called, we call them Masonic Communists, Nazis, Made to us to decide, to transition our small company over and into just the hydrogen stages,  some of a hopeful normal business somewhat maybe, pooh, a better steady work for us, and new attention business of the true Holy Scriptures, to the public,  , Water turns back into water once it is burned yes...  Part of God's true Creation.  How does He do that? Our now onboard electrolysis components for making fuel that you do see that we make and offer, are Miracle of proof, yes, for Hydrogen free gas made from water once it is burned, turns back into water again .... God is real....    Israel.    So Be It...



  For while we were in the State of Maine, we heard things through grapevine's and back door's about the ill Bush Dynasty Family scheme of the Oil ri p itself. Dynasty, funny word, it says it,self  Nasty...  -    Yes, we lived close to that same area DownEast Maine once.  Eventually  hikes outside went outside 6%, per year, - and no one could apply good prudence's starting 1998,  to adjust business coverup expenses, at all of the quick fluctuation adjusting’s.  Deletion of many businesses started happening yes, Because of the Bush Dynasty....



Our small carpentry renovation repair business was still offered to the public yes in 01,

By the year 2009, poop.  WE Moved to Spokane Wa, beyond crippled panhandle of ill Florida, yes, we bear the mess of it, bankrupt, we managed and stayed up online, even with little or no sales, from evil ebay pay pal corporation communist changes,   You can read about that yourself online, a 2 sided  2 faced rip off company,  changing search engines by random programming’s of the numbers themselves yes, to delete the sellers links , This of course, was our change to Amazon to a dreadful mess of greed's by them.  Many sellers left the evil ebay bankrupt.  A BIG FACT. Never reporting it. Yet, punch itin the search engine and read all about it.

True Carpentry Interior Exterior Design's & Repair services are no longer here.   yes Our Hammer. We do give you the smile with our Assured Quality's, hydrogen; same as well any other of our transitioned services and products; via the internet, together with Cold Fusion Thermodynamics technology. 

Hybrid your fuel pig today...  Before you give devil oil gov people the rest of your money.

Since the year 95, subsidiary spiders NASA & NEWTON DATA BASES, Using Hydrogen Fuel Files of all kinds and types urls, Regression Math adjustments, doing study designs...WE are member of The American Hydrogen Association.  So they say, but is not an anything organization for massive employment as it should be. 

We also hold more than 15 years experience in Engineering & Graphic Arts Field.  Printing and Laser....  Based on our BETA certificate  at Ft Lauderdale University; 

Vocational Beta Arts section division. South Florida.  Of course, now the school does not exist anymore....!

  Since when does the communist US goverment pay people to go to school today?


Worked a few Printing Plants in the United States before their bankrupsys yes.  Not only  in Engineering and Graphic Arts, but also in Mechanical ASE Certificate, Of course today, that, is even now destroyed by republican communists politicians inside the United States,   Thanks to the people like the Devils of Mr Bush, of George Jorge and George Sorros, The Trio Witchcraft Trinity of Hitler Berlin Phony freemason nazis.  9-11 Murderers and thieves. Yes, Please do Arrest them

WE still await so called fake stimulus of Mr Obama? 


A phony president as the rest of them are,  that of course will never come, and many real people of this real country labors work force, inside this these United States, Many have never ever really seen at all anything of communism!   Nor do they even listen to the true Catholic Church on how to stop it.  So how would they even know it when it happens of?....


Today, many falsify government grants, documents, promises, making more and more lies, Jack prices to ungodly theft amounts, adding extremity in unjustified laws, mortal sins, making,  more and more lies about  true economics of democracy;; On their way to hell even, Believing it is just a political science thing???  calling this to a BS recession still,   including  thieves of Big oil government markets;  Only for themselves especially. all that loot. - So always I do ask myself, 



Just why is it that,  Only the good die young.







politics       Supply and Demand      thievery

           We are the hopeful future of the blackballed      





Back, the real US Constitution.  Eliminate the Communist FCC their ill spam communist laws Blockings against "Freedom of Speech" For it blocks all economics from taking place.    For Gov does not belong on the interent, FACT, Nor do any of the Banks themselves. $$$ hole drain security.



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Only Penance Builds true Democracy...

 PS we are a true, OFM minim... That is why, we tell the truth.