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    TO - Contact'us   -      For anyone outside the local area code, that feel they must use phone, they must use the contact us email first, requesting to speak with us on the phone.  Then Please Leave your call from phone number inside the email form itself.  Be sure to leave the area code and number you are calling from,  and then call us once again in a couple of days, after we do acknowledge, (with  "got it")   email reply from us...    Sorry, to many computers call us and we do not talk on phones to computers.
  We do this call screening, 509 - BASH 9 1 1 -  to eliminate machine recorder bot sales computers, calling us always with their selling machine BS voice phonemail devices and scams...  Scamiing us.  Thats right, ROBOTS.  which are not human.s,,,, They do call us, and are effort money wasting time garbage for us to even deal with. The Babel Network WTC Tower Sickos City Crap.   Enough of that.
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communication breakdown railroad net
PS, soon,  smart people, will not be using internet ISP, and be on new protocols.  Destroying businesses.  9-11 evil bastard FCC with Rotten US gov, old trash system, - stmp - html - imap - ipod - https - rip off protocol stuff indeed...   Arrest Bush Monster Laser Beam Obama moon base killers; - NOW -  But instead, moving toward killing FED spam cop rules for their internet,  for the good we shall die young yes!   A Bankrupt cop block FCC, Federal Communist Commision, - Wow - United States rip us off at the pump, yup, afraid so.   And that means, FCC sicko you are, With Under Seige Bush.  FCC will not be able to track you anymore true declartion lovers.  Ah we make a new protocol every time you block us in your IP# 666 chip stealing Euro mess Commy, AntiChrist you are US gov and AntiGod....   As long as you believe you can obstruct our US Constitution,  We will obstruct u.  Another new wave hacking protocol yup 4 u turns up,  See it now...  Ha, what are you going to do, tell to the taxpayer s internet black hole gov, that you need even more money again to start all over again obstructing the new format , the Obama nation once again?  GET off the internet Sicko Abomination US gov.  You do not belong there anymore at all and we the once taxpayers, SAY SO, and will not pay u for it..  And we do not believe in anything except our  "Freedom of Speech"  Only One God "In God We Trust"   
Wake up America,  Order them off of the internet.....


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