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& tc3Hydro for BiG RiGs


 #1 fuel maker on the market.

A NASA Quality Built Hybrid product


Product is built to suit needs, of a Tesla unit, and help owners make their way

onward with it lateron, - without any loss of initial investment.

We decided it was important that when a person purchases new products such as these, that are not so well known such as thermodynamics, that it is, important that the products will sell themselves user friendly.  For those that do not understand cold fusion technology, yes it is amazing and really works, safe, and,  a much better flavored fuel to use than old crummy gasoline.  ie Hydrogen!   yes, the world is going Hybrid. Green.

When is the time to do what is right...!   And, What is tesla?   see the video

real true start trek space flight using fuel saving adventure!

 Hence, buy here and save, Quality of unit is beyond imagine by internet advertise.

Because so many are not familiar with true thermodynamics, using real electrodynamics, or spending large sums of money on old non supportive gasoline fuels. We here at truecarpentry decided to create a good working top Hybrid model electrolysis for the public,  and show off the file above also s hole Bush, so that all can understand what is really taking place in the real truths of this political fuel robbing world. Finally, a model that is movtivated engineered, to making great Hybrid / Full Running systems, yes, no gasoline; for the publics gasoline engines... Specially designed for any non hybrid type vehicles.   Very Fast - easy 3 day installs, maintainable, saving you time, & money and is self supportive to all end users. See the catalogue.

  Lasts 15 years of life.  Which is longer than most people keep a car for.  


tcHydro - the workhorse of


> Thermodynamics <



A true Disclaimer


Yes;  Water is Flammable;  Just look up in the Big Sky, and see it working on the Sun!

Dont wait, get one now.


Replacement Parts availible online from our parts pages.  Maintains easily. 

Custom Units,  manufactured @ for larger construction type vehicles. 

Do not waste currency on oil.  When you can use just water.


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All Items bench tested before shipment.

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note; US military is using this fuel, in ways that are just phenominal !

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