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posted 5-2010 by the tcc.


Our Resolve to Avoid Evil and to Grow in true Virtues of the true Faith, to Our Lord Our God the Blessed Holy Trinity.

Warning and proper refusal about those using certain plastic cards to donate to the true Catholic Church.  And or purchase to anything in this world....

As long as we are alive today in true faith, we can always make two general resolves of proper resolution.  One is to live inside the true Catholic Faith, the other is to exercise it. The problem inside the opus dei is that their system uses pagan ritual tattics towards creations of evil. Willingly... This has been forewarned by Our true God to His true Catholic Church, that it would one day take its place in society, and vary in its shape and form, in and out for a period of time, yes 1000 years. Finally taking its full brunt of toll on the entire public world at the end of the world itself.

  Thus, today, the system is taking form in of it's own falseisms of power, same as evil Hitler in the slaughter of the Jews, and We here as We are to shun all those things with rebuke of the devils pomps, and to the devil himself, do so in fact do so and forbid useage of certain type payment coded forms etc, such as, the mark of the beast.   Please if you are donating to the true Catholic Church, and you are a true Catholic.? please note; that the cards inside todays systems of payment of the world, are in fact, some laced in the evil boundarys of this forbidence,  "the devils mark 666". Study of this system is required by those who plan to go to Heaven.

  This is a mockery to Our Lord, and was also done in the days of the Hitler Prescott Bush erra, by marking the uniforms of the Jews with this set of 666 numerals.  These cards are clearly visible in refrence form to the bar code itself, that is already in use on most packages today that you do purchase from the vendors themselves of, and food markets.  Thus in the truecatholic faith, one is only alowed to purchase these items. Not using same mark to purchase them with!!!  This is true of God's true elect, that will go to His Holy Heaven.  However, it is very clear, that we as true Catholics follow no such sloth on the matter itself, that usage of this card with a visible 666 bar code , or any other card that contains such numerals visibly 666 in a row, is forbid and strictly forbidden by the true Catholic Church.

 In no way can this be ever used in any way shape or form, for any purchases or transactions what so ever by anyone inside the true Church.  Thus this includes using of the debit transaction 666 type's for google or pay pal services, or any other such online transactions itself within the true Catholic Church.   However, cards that do not contain of these numerals, are still permitted to be used of, by the true Catholic Church inside these systems, such cards are still pending and in use still, see example, bank debit or credit card... And some others such as pre paid's that are permissible. This depending on whom is behind the creation and making of the codes.      If one is in doubt, please do not use the card, you may ask to us, or rather send donation to us here with a regular check or money order snail mail using regular postal service mail.  If you are with need of better understandings on this obscure horific topic of theives stealing thief subject itself,  for whatever purposes, please do feel free to ask questions, and study the codes, by the link above. Our mailing address for us is on the email page.

    Once again, we forbid use of this evil mockery mark, of to the elect of Our +Lord Jesus Christ Our God, for any purchases necessary or donations of any kind whatsoever.  Forewarned of to us, in His true Holy Scriptures of Our Lord.




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